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Importing from Custom Objects - doing only 1 row to excel

Hi team, Can you please let me know if evaluation version cant import data fully from custom objects/data table. I am only able to export 1 row out from data objects to excel sheet. Is this something can be sorted out only if I have a licence. thanks.


Thanks for providing us some details.

No, in evaluation mode (without using/setting a valid license), there is no such restriction. Could you provide us sample code (runnable) or preferably a sample console application (runnable) to show the issue, you may zip the project prior attaching here. Also provide your template files (if any).

Sorry for the late reply. There is some problem with my code. I am now able to export all the rows.
Can anyone please advise how do I get 30-day trail licence ? Thanks. Subbu


You may apply for 30 days temporary license for your requirements, so you could evaluate the APIs with its full capacity.