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Importing MPP files return wrong task start and end year in C# core 2.2

We are considering Aspose for reading MS-project and Excel files. When using the evaluation version 20.6, and even earlier versions down to 19.7, we get the wrong year in task start and end dates. They all have the year 2020, except start date in the root task which is the only correct one. This problem has similarities with other topics having the same problem on export.
Please advice.


You can try using the licensed version on your and and if you are evaluating, you may consider using our 30 days free trial license option. If you still face issue using licensed API then please share the working sample code, source file, generated file and explanation of the issue with us.

Thanks for the answer. We are already using the free trial license by downloading the NuGet package ( See zipped dotnet core runnable code and project file describing the problem. (41.9 KB)
It happens with every file we have tested.


Using Aspose.Tasks for .NET 20.6 with sample project and applying proper license, I am getting a proper output as given in MPP file. You can observe that there is no issue.

image.png (52.7 KB)