Importing tabdelmeted data to .Cells

I have program that outputs the data as a .tab file. It uses Array of Classes (each class has one row). it loops though the Array of Classes and uses a overload ToString() to get all the data as a single tab delimeted string. Then it saves all the stringbuilder to a file.

I want to now save this as a excel file using .Cells. If I use importarray function. the .Cells doesn't convert any of the number text into numbers. (When the tab file is opened by Excel the numbers are converted).

int importcounter = 1;
foreach (clsItemPlanItem aItem in aryItems)
string[] AryLines = aItem.ToString().Split('\t');
wrksheet.Cells.ImportArray(AryLines, importcounter, 0, false);

I really want the the control order of the data to be controled by the Class.

How do I get .Cells to convert the Data?


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Well, data conversion is not supported in Cells.ImportArray method. Please use Cell.PutValue(string, true) method to put the values one by one into the cells from Array.

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Ok.. that works.. But when it comes to the date, It does change the value as a date, but when Excel file is opened it shows numbers instead of the date.

40135 instead of 11/18/2009


Well, that 's true and the reason is MS Excel does store the dates in numeric values and you have to format those date values accordingly e.g
worksheet.Cells[“A1”].Style.Custom = “m/d/yyyy”;

See the document for reference:

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