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Imports alias �DC� conflicts with �Delegate Sub dc(sender As Object)�

Hi, we use Aspose.Chart component and thought we would give Aspose.Excel a try also. I have run into a problem that when I include a reference to Aspose.Excel in my project, I get the error:

Imports alias ‘DC’ conflicts with ‘Delegate Sub dc(sender As Object)’ declared in the root namespace.

I am told we ran into this problem before with the Aspose.Chart component and the solution was that you provided a ‘fixed’ version of the component for us. How could I get a similar version of the Excel component for us to evaluate?


Which version of Aspose.Excel are you using? The latest hotfix is 1.9.3.

I was using 1.9.0 and when I upgraded the issue went away. Thanks for the quick response.