Inbed OMR Font


We are using Aspose PDF to create a bubble sheet in which answers to questions are marked on the bubblesheet. To create the bubbles, I'm using an OMR True Type Font. The properties on the font indicate font embedding is allowed. I was following the example in the post below; however I do not have the associated .AFM and .PFB file. Is there any way to inbed this font in Aspose PDF without the APF and PFB files? I see there is a IsFontInbedded property but it does not appear to work. If this is suppose to inbed a true type font without the APF or PFB files, please give me an example.


Jim Serpe



Dear Jim,

AFM and PFB file is for PostScript font not for truetype font. I am not familiar with OMR TrueType font. Is it a normal TrueType font (.TTF or .TTC file) ? Can you please send the font to me and let me test it?


Attached is the OMR font that I am trying to use.


Jim Serpe


Dear Jim,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We will check this issue. This may take several days.


Dear Jim,

I have tested this issue and it works well. Here is the XML I used:

OMR Bubbles

Please make sure:

1) The font has been installed in the windows/fonts folder;

2) The font name is "OMR" not "OMR Bubbles"