Include Aspose Dependencies in NuGet Package Information

We use several of the Aspose libraries for anything from PDF generation to doing automation on several file types. It would be nice to know which versions of the Aspose libraries are compatible with each other and should be used together. Is there any way to get this information? Can it be included in the NuGet packages?

For example, if we are using version 18.4 of Aspose.Words, which version of Aspose.PDF should be used?

Right now, we have to manage the version each library independently and don’t see a way to tell if breaking compatibility changes were introduced across other libraries.


This is to update you that Aspose API are independent of each other. Each Aspose component is targeted to achieve specific goals. However user can use combination of these components to achieve his task.

Aspose.Words does not depend on Aspose.PDF. For detail on Aspose.Words dependencies, please visit the Dependencies section at NuGet Gallery | Aspose.Words 23.10.0

So, all of the Aspose dependency issues like the following one have been resolved? If so, that is big news.

Doing some introspection on the libraries that we use shows that Aspose.CAD version still has dependencies on Aspose.Imaging version and Aspose.Pdf version

image.png (17.4 KB)

In the dependencies section in NuGet for Aspose.CAD version, it does not list these dependencies.

There could be more like this. This is just what we saw at a glance.


Thank you for sharing details but this is not the case. In fact Aspose.Imaging is embedded completely inside Aspose.CAD API which means that Aspose.Imaging, an independent API is also a part of Aspose.CAD (rather writing complete code for functionalities offered by Aspose.Imaging API). It is although referred internally but it cannot be considered as dependency of Aspose.CAD.

Regarding Aspose.CAD dependency on Aspose.PDF, it is referred in special cases inside Aspose.CAD e.g. where PDF link is required in DWG files etc. But for all normal operations, there is no dependence of Aspose.CAD on Aspose.PDF. Therefore, it cannot be added as dependency in Nuget. Furthermore we are working on adding the information related to special case dependence of Apsose.CAD on Aspose.PDF in description of Aspose.CAD nuget package.

Thank you for the reply. It’s nice to know that the libraries can mostly exist independently.

Knowing the exceptions to this would still help tremendously. Without knowing those, we still don’t know which versions are 100% compatible with each other. Are there other known exceptions beyond the one mentioned between CAD and PDF?


Aspose.CAD using Aspose.PDF features is a rare case - this is not the case with other APIs. Such dependencies were there in very old versions (7-8 years old versions), but this is not the case with latest versions or less than 7 years old versions.

An independent version of Aspose.CAD is also in our plans and these dependency issues in Aspose.CAD will also be resolved. Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

Good to hear. Thank you very much.


You are welcome. Thank you.