Include Chart in Word + 3d view

Hi Guys,

I have to include pie chart in word document. I have used following code to do that.

bufferedImage = chart.getChartImage();
DocumentBuilder documentBuilder = new DocumentBuilder(document);

but the problem is it always comes at the start of the document while i wanted it to be at the end of the document. Can anybody tell how to do that?
Moreover which method can i use to get 3d image of pie chart?

Prakhar Paharia

Thanks for your inquiry. You should move cursor to the end of the document before inserting an image. Please use builder.moveToDocumentEnd() method to achieve this.
Regarding the second, about pie chart you should ask this question in Aspose.Report forum:
Best regards,

Thanks Andrey. Image is getting inserted at the end. I put the question for 3d image in reports community.

Prakhar Paharia