Inconsistant Values from Worksheets


I am getting some inconsistent values when reading data from a worksheet. For example:

I created a test Workbook, attached, that I am using to test various scenarios that I may encounter. The last time I ran my program, for cell G5, Aspose.Excel told me the type was a string, the formula was null and the data was “5e2rgBc”. The cell is actually a formula of “=C5+E5” with a display value of “000124245”. The underlying data type is Numeric.

I have seen this a few times before but is is not constantly reproducible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It just happened again, on a cell that is empty. Cell “F7” has no value, in the same Workbook I attached above. When I load the workbook and read the data that cells value is returned as “QYN14znxi0P”.

If this continues to happen I will be forced to abandon the use of the product. I must be 100% confident that I am getting back proper values.


It’s a license warning. Please check
for reference.

In each worksheet, random text will be placed only in one cell. It will be removed in a licensed copy.

Sorry for any inconvenience.