Incorrect conversion of charts when converting DOCX to PDF using .NET

Hello, We have license but face troubles converting charts. Could you please help us?
You can try converting in demo. There is the same problem.
We use Aspose.Words library. Code example:

 var loadOptions = new LoadOptions
            Encoding = Encoding.UTF8
        var document = new Document(srcFile, loadOptions);
        document.Save(newPath, SaveFormat.Pdf);

Original.docx (40.5 KB)
Converted.pdf (24.3 KB)
Difference.png (122.1 KB)

@Maiia I have managed to reproduce the problem and logged it as WORDSNET-22964 in our defect tracking system. We will keep you informed and let you know once it is resolved.
Also the problematic chart uses perspective view, this is a complex feature and is not yet supported by Aspose.Words charts rendering engine. If you switch to using Right Angles Axes, the chart look closer to what is rendered in PDF by Aspose.Words, but still there are issue with axis scaling.