Incorrect conversion of document

The enclosed Word document does not correctly convert to a PDF. For example, on page two the title is missing entirely and the lower section is missplaced. There are similiar problems on just about every page.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

I am able to reproduce your problems. I will discuss this with the developers and we will let you know as soon as solution is found.


We have fixed some bug but I don’t think we can support this document well. The main problem is that text around image is not supported in Aspose.Pdf. If you can modify your Word document, we can tell you how to modify it as workaround. If you can’t modify it, you have to find other solutions.

Thank you for look at it.


The text on the top of page 2 and 3 is overlapped by image. The Zindex should be set for the image. (Written by Tommy in an email) This is an issue of Aspose.Words. Logged as #3572.


I’m not sure I see where in Microsoft Word I can set the z-index.

The z-order is already okay in the document. The image is placed behind the text. I just inform you that we suggested it is a defect in Aspose.Words and logged it in our defect database. We'll try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback.


We have released a new version of Aspose.Words that contains a fix for your issue.

The new version of Aspose.Words is available for download from [here](

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