Incorrect file header


We are facing mail merge Incorrect file header problem with one of our clients.

Here is the Reproduction of issue = (

Please take a look and get back to us with a resolution.


The archive that you have shared is damaged. Would you please upload it again and share the link with us.damagedarchive.png (2.8 KB)


Please try with this link of [Reproduction issue](


We have downloaded and checked the solution that you have shared. You are trying to load a Word (.doc) document into Aspose.Pdf.Document object which is why you are facing the exception. Aspose.PDF for .NET does not offer any feature to load .doc files. Please load a valid .pdf Document and in case you face any issue, please feel free to let us know.

' Change the file name to some valid PDF
path = folderpath & "MTD_Coverpage_MM_v2_-_Draft (5).doc"