Incorrect parsing of attachments in eml file

We are using Aspose.Network for .NET v and the parsing of some EML files does not seem to be correct. The EML files in question are generated by the Mac OSX email client and are conformant to the RFC. An example is added as an attachment.
Simply loading the EML using MailMessage.Load gives an object that has no attachments. Using WinMail, Thunderbird and such correctly displays the fact that this EML has an attachment called “tes doc.doc”.

This behaviour manifests itself as a bug for a lot of workstations using Mac OSX. Can you confirm this bug and how/when it can be addressed ?

Laku Adedoyin.

PS: We are running on Win 2008 64bit, .NET 3.5 and Win2003 R2 32bit .NET 3.5

Hi Laku,

I can also reproduce this at my end with Aspose.Network v5.1. We will look into it. I have also logged it in our issue tracking system (ID: 15628). We will notify you when we make some progress to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 15628) have been fixed in [this update](

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