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Incorrect Value from Aspose

Dear Team,

We are getting an incorrect value from Aspose Cell Library. v20.8

Please find the sample code attached.

Cell: E4
Expected Value: 64693.11
Read Value from Aspose: 64693.12 (597.7 KB)

Please advise.

Deep (598 KB)

We have observed this issue and logged in our database for further investigation and fix (if possible). You will be notified here once any update is ready for sharing.

This issue is logged as:
CELLSJAVA-43317 - Different cell value read by Aspose.Cells

Thanks for your quick response in acknowledging the issue.

We will really appreciate a quick resolution as this is a production issue for us.



Issues are handled in first come first serve basis. Anyways, we will try to figure your issue out in the next week or so.

Once we have any new information, we will update you immediately.

Dear Amjad,

Do we have any updates regarding this issue ?



We are evaluating your issue and we will try to figure it out in the next week (if it is an actual bug). If it is not a bug we will get back to you with details and explanation in the next few days or so.

For SUM, the result is 129386.23, so SUM*C20 is 64693.115 and for ROUND we calculate the result as 64693.12. We do not know why ms excel calculates it as 64693.11 so we are afraid we cannot fix it currently. We will continue to investigate it and give feedback when we get more findings.

Can you please provide any updates if this issue has been identified and fixed by your team now.
We are looking forward for this fix asap as this is blocking us
Kindly do the needful


We did not guarantee that we will fix such an issue where MS Excel behaves incorrectly for unknown reasons. We told that we will do more investigation. So far, there is no further updates or new findings found.

Once we have new information/update, we will share it with you.