Increasing number of lines causes corrupted Excel Sheet in .NET

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with an older version of Aspose.Cells (7.6.1) creating a file a little bit larger than before.

The created xslx-file has 44 columns with about 6000 lines of plain text and some formatted date fields, no formatting or graphs or anything else but an AutoFilter on every column headline and a hyperlink on the fields in the first column

After some changes in the datasource the line count now reaches from 80.000 to 99.000 lines.
And now when opening the file with Excel (2016) we get an error message

image.png (4.2 KB)

After recovering we get a readable Excel-Sheet with the named 99k lines but no information if some lines were deleted and the autofilter is not set and the hyperlinks in the first row are missing but the text ist formatted blue and underlined.
All other data seem to be OK.

Does anybody know something like that?
Are there probably any limitations in that version 7.6.1?

I hope someone can help me.
Thank you in advance,
Best Regards


Thanks for the details.

Since you are using some older version of the product, I am afraid, we cannot evaluate your issue using older version. Neither we can include fix in older versions, the fixes are based on latest APIs set only. It might be an issue or limitation in the version you are using. So, you should upgrade to latest version (e.g Aspose.Cells for .NET v19.1.x) of the product. If you still find any issue with latest version of the product, kindly do create a sample console demo application (runnable), zip the project and all the files (input file (if any), output file, etc.) and post us here to show the issue, we will check it soon.

Thanks for the fast answer.

Unfortunately an upgrade to v19.x is not possible.
But if you could tell me if there is some kind of limitation in v7.x then we would have an orientation.


We are very sorry but we cannot say anything if it was a bug or sort of limitation in the older version that you are using. Also, rendering corrupted files (as per your screenshot) has many scenarios, there can be multiple reasons or other aspects which may cause such issues. Over the years, we have enhanced the APIs to make the product more robust and feature rich. We have continuously improved all modules (reading, writing, rendering, etc.) with each release and included many new and useful features now. I am afraid, there is no other alternative but to upgrade to latest version of the product. If you still find the issue with latest version, we will try to figure it out in quick time.


By the way, because the data was changed from 6K rows to 80K or more, we think one possible reason may be that the Workbook is not XLSX format but XLS format while importing data. So you may check and confirm and make the workbook’s format as XLSX first and then import data. If it is not the root cause for the issue, we are afraid we have no idea for other possible reasons.