Indentation in rich text std


I want to have indentation inside rich text Structured Document Tag. Indentation could be plain numbers or bullets or anything.

Basically my use case is to embed my paragraphs into different std to know the boundary to my content.

Also , can table be embedded into rich text std.



Thanks for your inquiry. You can insert paragraphs and tables in rich text content control (StructuredDocumentTag). Please ZIP and attach your input and expected output Word documents here for our reference. We will then provide you more information about your query along with code.

Hi @tahir.manzoor,

Thanks for the reply. Please find the attached document.

If you will open the document , you will see we are currently using bookmarks to specify the content boundary. Now we want to change the bookmarks to rich text content control. So the boundaries will be embedded in the content control. The indentation is based on multiple rules according to the logic.

Waiting for your reply.


Thanks for your inquiry. Your document does not has bookmarks. Please share your input and expected output Word documents.