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Indented bullets


I am trying to replace text in a text frame. The new text is a list of bulleted points. I have successfully added the text with bullets. However, I wish to have some of the paragraphs one "level" in from the current level, ie indented. I can not figure out how to indent the text and bullet a level.

example of what i need:

* blah blah blah
* stuff stuff stuff
* indented stuff indented stuff
* indented stuff indented stuff
* more stuff more stuff

I have tried setDepth of a paragraph and changing the offsets but nothing has worked. It is possible I am just doing it wrong.

Does anyone know how/if it is possible to have multiple levels of bullets?

Thank you.

setDepth in most cases works for TextHolders only.
For TextFrame you can set it too but it’s not necessary.