Infinite loops



This document goes into an infinite loop when being converted to HTML. I’ll post a second one that does as a reply to this. Suggestions?



Here’s the second one


Oops…first one didn’t come through for some reason.


Sorry…and the second one was trashed too…here it is.



I actually have a number of doc files that are failing to be converted or even imported at all, or converting incorrectly from doc to html. Is it possible to send all of them to you guys at once for review?

We really need these issues to be resolved if we’re going to be able to use this tool. Funky conversions I can live with, but failure to even import is a big deal.



Hi Sam,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please pack all the problematic documents into a zip file and attach it to your post. We will try to fix the issues asap.


Here are a bunch of bad files…I have more, but let’s figure these out and see how many of the other’s that fixes.


Here’s two more bad files.


Thanks for the attachments, I’ve logged the issue so we will investigate it asap.


AREA51_1.DOC, PUNYTALK.DOC, PHILYEX2.DOC and PHILY000.DOC are not Word files. Sorry, I don't know what format is this. It could be Word for DOS or Word Perfect or Writer, who knows. You must understand that not all .DOC files are binary Word files.

Looking at the rest of the files now.


Other files are probably created using OpenOffice and had the end of one internal structure written not the way Aspose.Word expects it. I've fixed the code and Aspose.Word 3.2 can read your files okay.



We have released Aspose.Word 3.2.

  • Fixed reading of some files created in OpenOffice.