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Information From Formulas

Suppose I have a formula such as

=VLOOKUP(A4, B5:C75, 2) - and I would like to know that the value evaluated from it will be from C54, since B54=A4 , can Aspose return this value for me? The C54?


Aspose.Cells has a formula calculation engine that mimics the behavior/result of what MS Excel evaluates/calculates against formulas. So, if this formula is evaluated as per your mentioned value by MS Excel, then Aspose.Cells would give the same output against the formula. If you find the resultant value by Aspose.Cells’ formula calclation engine is different than what MS Excel calculates, then please zip and attach your sample Excel file. We will check your issue soon.

Thank you,
I am familiar with the evaluate abilities, what I am looking for is information that exists as part of the evaluation and not the final calculation.

In the example I provided, the evaluation is the value inside cell C54, but I would like te cell C54.

Is it possible to get such information?


I think there is no such feature available in MS Excel. If you know such a feature in MS Excel, let us know with details and we will look into it soon.

As a side note, you might check precendents and dependents feature (by Aspose.Cells) if it could work for your needs.


For your requirement, we think you need to use another formula with combination of some functions. For example: =CELL(“address”,OFFSET(C5,MATCH(A4, B5:B75, 0)-1,0))

Thank you,
This is a very helpful and original solution idea. I shall use it.