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Information request re: Aspose.Word


We are currently preparing a proposal for a web application which will allow users to produce a variety of mail merges from data in a database using a selection of Word templates. It should also allow them to create new templates using a pre-defined data source to insert the merge fields and then save the template to the server for future mail merge use. Additionally it needs to be able to merge to email, as in when a letter or document is produced it can then be attached to an email and sent to the email address in the merge record (if it exists) or else print the document (if no email address exists)

Would Aspose.Word be able to provide some or all of this functionality, and if so could you briefly explain how?


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

You can populate your documents with data using MailMerge and/or DocumentBuilder objects.

MailMerge allows “classic” mail merge similar to what is found in MS Word plus mail merge regions that allow to grow tables or other portions inside a document. The data source can be any .NET DataSet, DataTable etc.

DocumentBuilder is a general document content builder tool and allows to insert text, formatting, images, fields (including mail merge fields) etc. You can use DocumentBuilder separately or during mail merge to insert rich content and formatting.

Aspose.Word does not have any email relation functionality. Aspose.Word can save the document into a file which you can attach to an email message by whatever means you use to create your email messages.

At the moment Aspose.Word cannot print or preview the documents, but this will be supported in 2-3 months.