Inquiry to provide sample code in the form required for project development

Currently planning to purchase Aspose.Total for .NET Metered OEM.

The sample code provided on the website is an MVC project.

In order to implement various functions including Viewer, ASP.Net web application project sample code based on .Net 4.6 rather than MVC View type is required.

We inquire if we can provide samples of the form required for project development.


A simple way to set and use the Metered License is also give in the documentation. Could you please explain a bit more what are your actual requirements? The given code can be used any where in the .NET application.

You need to develop a viewer that includes search and watermark functions. . Sources in the form of MVC project templates cannot be used. You can only use the .Net 4.5 web project template or lower source. HTML and Javascript-based sources are also available. Can you provide a sample?


We are gathering related details and will get back to you shortly.


Could you please share the URL from where you are checking the code example?

Please share the complete detail of your requirement along with sample input and expected output files. We will then provide you more information on it.

Office products (word, powerpoint, excel), a function to show the contents of a PDF file, a function to display the search contents by searching for a specific character string in the text, and a function to print a watermark on the search screen should be implemented.


You may try our sister company for the purpose. For example, you may use GroupDocs.Viewer API. It supports all the popular document file formats including Microsoft Office, images, diagrams and many others, etc. Your can also use GroupDocs.Watermark and GroupDocs.Search to achieve your requirements.

After reviewing the GroupDocs source you introduced, we concluded that it is suitable for the function we need to implement. I have two questions. One. I am currently planning to purchase an Aspose.Total for .NET license. Please inquire if a separate license is required to use GroupDocs. Two. When performing functional testing with the GroupDocs sample, the output will not be more than 2 pages of the target file. We ask if there is a way to test the entire page of the target file before purchasing a license.

Yes, a separate license is required for GroupDocs.

I think you may get a temporary license to test the library/APIs. For example, if you wish to test GroupDocs.Viewer without the limitations of the trial version, you can request a 30-day Temporary License. For more details, see the Get a Temporary License page for your reference.

Can I purchase only GroupDocs.Viewer without purchasing Aspose.Total for .NET?


Sure, you can do that. In the event of further queries or issue, feel free to write us back.