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Insert TOC field at any location in the document using C#

Hi there,
My problem statement is: create TOC in 3 column format at runtime and put this toc in 2nd or 3rd page.
I am trying to follow below approach -

  1. move the cursor in first cell of predefined table.
  2. create TOC and place it in current location (first cell in 3 columns table).
  3. save the doc.

Could you please provide some sample code (in .NET) to achieve above requirement?
FYI… I have already aspose total for .net license.

Could you please ZIP and attach your input and expected output documents? We will then provide you more information about your query along with code example.

TOC.PNG (142.8 KB)

Thanks for the reply.
I have attached expected output (TOC in two column without any page no.). Let me know if you need more info.

Please manually create your expected Word document using Microsoft Word and attach it here for our reference. We will investigate how you want your final Word output be generated like. We will then provide you more information on this along with code.

Sample output (32.5 KB)
Sample output TOC doc attached.

We have already answered your query here in this post. Please follow that thread for further proceedings.