Insert Windings Symbols to Aspose Word

Hello Team,

We have Aspose We want to Insert Checkbox by Using Insert Symbol feature from Word.

These are the options and Symbols , we want to insert.

Font Name Symbol code
Windings ==> 111
Windings 2 ==> 163

Please advise me some sample code to insert Checkboxes.


Thanks for your request. You can also insert checkbox as form field. Please see the following code for instance:

// Create Document and DocumentBuilder
Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
// Insert chackbox as formfield
builder.InsertCheckBox("myCheck", true, 10);
builder.Writeln("This is form field Checkbox");
// Insert Checkbox as Wingdings character
builder.Font.Name = "Wingdings 2";
builder.Write("This is Wingdings character");
// Save docuemnt

Best regards.

Thanks for your Help.

Its worked.