Inserthtml - add newline to get bullets

we have word templates with bookmarks and do substitutions and some bookmarks are set as bullet points. With normal text substitution we appended vbCrLf between lines of text and the bullet points appeared.
Now we allow for formatted text and I tried adding
insteadof vbCrLF but this seems to go through as a Shift->Enter character or soft enter and means that there is only the initial bullet point with other lines following under not getting their own bullet point.
Do you know what tag to use so that the formatted text will break over lines?

Thanks for your inquiry. As I understood you would like to add new item to existing list. If so you can try using the following code.

builder.Write("new item");

I hope this could help you.
Also you can attach your document, code and HTML for investigating.
Best regards.

Hi Alexey,
thanks for your help - yes that was exactly what was needed - sorry I should have found that in the doco. I can send code if you need to look at but it all works now thanks to your help so am happy to leave as is.