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insertHTML issue


one of our customers reported an issue which is caused by the aspose.words inserthtml function. When inserting the attached html into a black document the result is wrong. It causes the table cell with the colspan to be duplication in a really weird way. When the cell with the colspan has a lot of content this causes the table to become huge. Can you confirm this issue? Is there any workaround without removing the colspan?

Paul Vrugt
Sr. Software Engineer
Infoland BV
The Netherlands

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your request. I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. I used the latest version of Aspose.Words for testing. You can download the latest version from here:

Best regards,


I was actually using the newest version (10.2). But i tested it on on 10.0 first. After updating to 10.2 it still didn't work, but I just found out visual studio hadn't noticed the new version of the reference. After a project clean and rebuild it works


Hi Paul,

It is perfect that all works fine now. Please feel free to ask in case of any issues. We are always glad to help you.

Best regards,