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insertHtml Maximum Numbering

I’m using insertHtml to put some information into docs that contain ordered lists, and it appears that there is a maximum number of indents that Aspose can support. Is this correct, and/or is there a way I can get around this problem?


  1. Dentist
    1. and
      1. hygienist
        1. need
          1. to
            1. write
              1. notes
                1. that
                  1. are
                    1. accessible
                      1. via
                        1. tooth,
                          1. procedure
                          2. or date.

                            Image of output is attached.


                            Thanks for your request. In MS Word, the list can have only 9 levels. This is not Aspose.Words restriction, but restriction of MS Word.

                            As a workaround, you can try using simple text instead of lists and just imitate multilevel list.

                            Best regards,

                            Thank you for the response. Unfortunately we are not in control of the content and so cannot change to use simple text.

                            Is there a reason that the levels that are deeper than 9 behave as if they are not in the numbered list at all? Is this because of Word or is this how Aspose renders them to avoid breaking Word? My preferred behavior would be to leave them as part of the list but set them to the max level (9), so at least the flow of the document is not as disrupted.

                            Thank you again for the answer.



                            Thanks for your request. The output produced on my side is different from yours. Please see the attached document. I used the latest version of Aspose.Words for testing. You can download the latest version form here:


                            May I know why you need so many list levels?

                            Best regards,