InsertHtml not carrying font size into word document


We allow our users to create custom master legal documents, letters, etc using a WYSIWYG html editor in our web app. This editor allows them to map in data values for their customers and other business objects. When they execute these documents, we overlay data into their data tokens and then convert the html document to either a PDF or RTF file using another 3rd party tool. We are not real happy with the rendering quality and are trying Aspose.Word out to output to DOC or PDF. Everything appears great so far and the only snag we are encountering right now is that the font-size is not coming across. The Word document is laid out correctly and a lot of formatting does come across very well. However, the document in this snippet below is outputting in font-size 12pt. A document might have a mixture of font-sizes and families. Are font-sizes supposed to come over?

<div class="" style=“FONT-SIZE: 9pt; FONT-FAMILY: Times New Roman”>\r\n <div class="">State of Texas                                                                         Cause No: @Criminal Cause Number @<br> …

Thank you for the help.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Could you please attach the entire html document to let us test it?


Sure … I apologize for not attaching originally …


You’re applying font size to the

elements but inheritance of values is not supported at the moment. It will be implemented as soon as we add full support for CSS. Please apply font size to elements if possible.


Unfortunately, I am at the will of the editor we are using. Thank you very much for researching this for me.

Do you have a ballpark guess at when you will have full support for CSS?


I hope it will be available in several months.