InsertHtml() problems


Hi, I'm using Words.DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml() to insert tables into a Word document, and I'm getting the following problems:

1. Blank cells - some cells lose their text (e.g. in attachment, under the CMOs heading, the "- Expertise in area" and "- Favorable costs" cells are blank in the Word version.

2. How do you set the paragraph style for the cell text? I've tried setting this before InsertHtml() but this is ignored and all the cells are set to 'Normal'. Is there some html I should insert in the


3. The cell borders have a raised/ridge style rather than solid line, which looks messy. Is there a way to format the borders? (Note that building a Word table using .StartTable() and .InsertCell() etc creates correctly formatted borders.)

There isn't any code to upload as such - you'll be able to replicate all the above using .InsertHTML() and the attached example html. I look forward to your feedback.


- Daniel


Thanks for reporting this problem to us. We already have a defect for it in our defect base (#1099). We will try to fix it in the next release which will be published in just a few weeks.

Best regards,


Thanks Vladimir - is this fix likely to be published this week?


The next release is going to feature several major updates. So its publish date is delayed to the end of August.