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Inserting columns/rows with cut and paste

Is there an event I can subscribe to that will allow me to do some stuff when the user cuts and pastes a column or row?

Also, would it be possible to have an attributes collection on GridRow and GridColumn class so I can add some custom information to then use in this event?



Thanks for your inquiry.

Well, there is no specific event for Cut and Paste operations. I think you may try to handle some other events e.g.., CellDataChanged for your task. We will look into it if we can support it for your need.

Thank you.

So, on the celldatachanged event, will I be able to know the column number being moved and the number it's being moved to? Same for row cut and paste?


I think you may try to use FocusedCellChanged event to get the previous cell indices and current cell indices if it fits your need.


Private Sub GridDesktop1_FocusedCellChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As Aspose.Grid.Desktop.CellEventArgs) Handles GridDesktop1.FocusedCellChanged

Dim loc1 As Aspose.Grid.Desktop.CellLocation = (CType(e.Argument, Aspose.Grid.Desktop.CellLocation))
Dim loc2 As Aspose.Grid.Desktop.CellLocation = e.Cell.Location
Dim message As String = "Cells Indices"
message += " Previous focused cell index is " + loc1.ToString() + ","
message += " Current focused cell index is " + loc2.ToString() + "."

End Sub

Thank you.