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Inserting correspondence fields in excel (aspose.cells)

Hello everyone,

We have developed an aspose.word project.

The templates are based in correspondence fields, merged with aspose.word.

This is the code used in aspose.word and we would like to use it (if possible) for aspose.cells.

"{MERGEFIELD field_name\*Upper*\ MERGEFORMAT}"

We have downloaded demo version of aspose.cells but we see field location on cells is static. The fields are set directly in the .net code and not dinamically generated by the function. Hence we are looking forward to find a equivalent solution to the aspose.word code shown above.

We want to avoid using the following structure to refill every field one by one.

"//put a string value into the cell using its name

Best regards.


Thanks for your question relating to Aspose.Cells for .NET.

Please provide your source and output xls/xlsx workbook (Excel files), you can create them manually using Ms-Excel. This way, we will understand better what is your input and what is your desired output. After looking into it, we will provide you a code example if the feature is available or we will log a request for it to make it available in future versions.


The first sheet from the attached XLS file contains the desired code, and the second one contains the simulated output.

We are also providing the word sample file to try to enlighten the issue.



I think, you are looking for Aspose.Cells for .NET feature namely Smart Markers.

Please refer to this document: Smart Markers

Please also see the Live Demo of Smart Markers here.