Inserting custom xml for docx file

We have a requirement to generate and populate a custom xml file that gets stored as part of the CustomXML associated with the word document. Our intended xml file would be a tree of tags, and associated values:

Sample text here
Sample text for n4

I’ve been trying to utilize the CustomXmlPart class and CustomXmlPartCollectionClasses, but I’m having trouble setting values in the way I want them to appear. Could you help out with sample code, or resources which do the same? Thanks

Hi Praneeth,

Thanks for your inquiry. I think you can achieve this by using the following code snippet:
Document doc = new Document();

String xmlData = “” +
“” +
" Sample text here" +
" Sample text for n4" +
“” +

CustomXmlPart myXml = new CustomXmlPart();


I hope, this helps.

Best regards,

Hi Awais,

Thanks for the helpful reply - I think we have our requirements satisfied perfectly. We shall get back if we need anything more. Thanks.