Inserting Excel Objects to PowerPoint Slides



I am wondering is if it is possible to use Aspose.PowePoint and/or other Aspose products to insert an Excel workbook, etc into a PowerPoint slide? Thank you!


Dear SevenDown,

Teoretically it can be implemented but such slide can’t be rendered in Aspose.PowerPoint.
And probably it will be necessary to update object in MS PowerPoint later.


Hello, Alcrus!

Thank you for the reply, but I do not quite understand what you mean. Specifically, (1) Could you explain or, even better, provide some sample code to illustrate how to insert an Excel workbook to a PowerPoint slide? (2) We do not need to update the inserted workbook using Aspose.PowerPoint. We only want to view the inserted workbook using MS PowerPoint. Is is doable? Thank you!


Dear SevenDown,

I mean it’s not possible to insert excel tables just now but such feature can be implemented in December after excel object format investigation and some tests.


Thanks, alcrus! Look forward to the implementation of the feature!


is this feature implemented now ?