Inserting Pictures


How do I insert a picture into a cell and have it resize according to the actual size of the picture and not come out distorted? The end-customer will be allowed to use their own picture - so the size of the pictures can vary.


Please try:

pictures.Add(10, 10, "d:\\logo.jpg");


The problem there is - the picture doesnt seem to be constrained to a single cell.. If the customer puts in a large logo - then it could overlap the data..

Is there another way?


If you want to put a logo into a single cell, please try:

1. Adjust row height and column width of that cell

2. Use the following code to resize picutures:

pictures.Add(10, 10, "d:\\logo.jpg", 50, 50);


Sleight misunderstanding there - I dont want to resize the picture - but the cell to fit the picture whatever the size.. How do those sizes (the picture size to the cell size) correspond? I am assuming it's not a 1 to 1 ratio.


I can provide two method to allow you set column width and row height in unit of pixels. Then you can set the cell size according to picture size.


That would be great - alternatively you could just give me the calculation if thats easier.

But whatever you deem best is fine. Thanks for your help.


Please try this attached fix.


/// Sets row height in unit of pixels.

/// Row index.
/// Number of pixels.
public void SetRowHeightPixel(int row, int pixels)


/// Sets column width in unit of pixels.

/// Column index.
/// Number of pixels.
public void SetColumnWidthPixel(int column, int pixel)


At the moment I am having some issues with my PC. Hopefully I will be able to test this by Monday - I'll let you know how it goes. Again - thanks for your help and the prompt turnaround.


Is this fix in a newer version of
Aspose.Cells? While the powers that be
are talking about the licensing thing I am forging ahead with at the
moment. I want to insert a table and
chart with an image below it, and then possibly repeat the same for another
item. I am completely happy with making
the cell(s) under the pic being the size of the pic in pixels as I don’t want
to resize the image. Of course I am just
as happy if there is a way I can tell in which row the image ends. If it is not in a newer version can you send
me the code in a dll or text form so I can resize the cells. I noticed you sent Aspose.Cells.dll in the
forum, and I don’t want to overwrite the one I have because of version issues.


Currently we don’t provide a way to know the end row of image because it may change after you adjust the row height.