Instalation Problem?



I have a document that has a table that I populate with MailMerge.ExecuteWithRegions and also has usual mergefields in the document that I populate with MailMerge.Execute.
On my machine I installed Aspose.Word using the msi installer and It’s working ok. When I moved it on the production machine, it populates all the fields for wich I used the Execute method, but the table is not populated, it just creates a number of rows equal to the number of records but they are empty.
On the production machine I just copied the Dll and the Xml (I’m not sure I need that) to the bin directory of the application (.Net application)
So, once again, It works somehow, it populates the usual mergefields and also If I have X records returned by the query, it creates X rows in the table. I thought it might be an instalation problem because it works ok on my machine.

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Me again,

If it isn’t an instalation problem can you piont me the cases when such a thing might happen? I mean when it creates the corresponding number of rows in the table but it leaves them empty.

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Thank you for considering Aspose.

That doesn’t seem to be an installation problem because the only thing you need for proper work is the dll (and of course a reference to this dll). Please make sure that all records in the data source you passing to ExecuteWithRegions contain correct (non-empty) values. If they do, please attach your document template and a sample code you are using for mail merge.