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Install a hot fix for a product

Dear Customers,

To address feature requests or bug reports after a new release of a product, we publish a hot fix for the new release, a zip file of the dll.

To use the hot fix, unzip it, then have your project reference it in your Visual Studio .Net. That’s it.

By the way, you don’t need to run RegSvr32 to register the hot fix as all Aspose products are 100% .Net component, strictly compliant with .Net XCopy deployment strategy.

However, you’re recommended to check How to check version number to make sure you’re using the latest hot fix.

I just downloaded the 1.1.1 hotfix for Aspose.Word and when I copy it to my .NET bin diretory, when I hit that page I get ‘The located assembly’s manifest definition with name ‘Aspose.Word’ does not match the assembly reference.’ If I copy back it works again. I just recently purchased Aspose.Word, am I entitled to upgrades with my currently licensing? my order ID’s are 040120120224 and 040120160654


Yes, you are entitled for upgrades.

If you are building the project in Visual Studio try deleting the reference to Aspose.Word from your project references and adding back again.

If you have a compiled application and just want to replace Aspose.Word.dll then you might need to change a setting in the application configuration file so it redirects from the expected version to the new version. Let me know if you need to do this and I will add more details. The easiest is to recompile the project.

Iam using the Aspose.word.dll (2.0 new Relese).If i use Development licence.It’s working.
If i use Deployment Licence its not working.

If I install latest hotfix,Every time i need to Change project -->Add Reference.

Eveytime Ican not change like this.Is any other way!