Install package



I download the apose word package, Aspose[1].Word.msi and when I double click it I get the following error,

See attached.

Did I do something wrong?


Sorry no attachment. What is the error?


The error says,

The installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exist and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package.


Please make sure that the msi file was fully downloaded (its size should be 4 114 432 bytes), and also that you have Windows Installer 2.0 or above and .NET Framework version 1.1 or above installed on your computer.



I just downloaded and installed windows Installer 3.1. I'm currently using vs 2003 with the .net 1.1 framework and I still get the same error. I verified the file size, downloaded it again and verified the size again. I even tried to download a earlier version but still not able to get it to install. I'm running windows xp pro service pack 2.


That's really strange. Ok, I can give some rather generic recommendations. Use some hex editor to verify that file actually contains data. Check that you are installing from local drive and under admin account. Next, try to turn off all anti virus/firewalls/popup blockers (but disconnect from Internet doing this for safety). Finally, try to make a clean boot using msconfig - run it from Start | Run.

If nothing helps you can still download dll and API help separtely and use it.


Hello again,

I finally got the package to install, now I have a couple of questions on how to use it. When I open visual studio then select project - add reference, I see four references to add, Aspose.word, .barcode, .chart, .pdf. After adding the references I go to the toolbox add/remove items and only the Aspose.barcode shows up. Should there be a Aspose.word control? If not how would I host it within the project?


Aspose.Word is not actually a control. It is a class library to build and manipulate Word documents from code. Not got GUI part just yet, although we are plannining to do it in future. Check Aspose.Word Wiki to find how to get started: