Install Wingdings Font to Render Special Characters in Word DOCX Document when Saving to PDF using Java

Hi guys,
I have a DOCX file that contains a special character (a checked checkbox) and when I save it to DOCX it works fine but when I save it to PDF the character is replaced by an empty box.

I’m currently using Aspose Words for Java 18.12 and Aspose PDF 19.1 (I don’t actually think the PDF version matters) but I also tried with the latest versions of both.

This is the code I’m using:

final Document doc = new Document(BASE_PATH + “file.docx”); + “output.pdf”); + “output.docx”);

and this is the file.docx (10.3 KB)

Another thing I noticed is that if I try to use the font Wingdings to create this checkbox (the x character of this font) the pdf file has an x in another font.

I’m running this code on Mac OS.

Best regards,
Hugo Freixo


Most likely, the problem occurs because of missing fonts. Please just copy following fonts from a Windows 10 machine to the machine with macOS.

  • Segoe UI Symbol
  • Wingdings

Please refer to the following articles for more details:

After installing the required fonts used in Word file, Aspose.Words for .NET should render those checkboxes correctly in PDF.