Installing Aspose.Total For Java With Graddle/Kotlin

I would like to test the product Aspose.Total in a server created in Kotlin using Graddle as dependence manager.
I added so the aspose repository:

    maven {
     url = uri("")
     isAllowInsecureProtocol = true
     metadataSources {

And the Aspose.Total dependency:

But when it tries to download the Aspose.Total it throws an error:
Could not find aspose-total-21.10.jar (com.aspose:aspose-total:21.10).
*** Searched in the following locations:***

Possible solution:
*** - Declare repository providing the artifact, see the documentation at***


We are looking into it and will get back to you shortly.


We have verified that this is not repository access issue. Our Aspose.Total dependency is POM base. You need to properly set Graddle/Kotlin to use pom as dependency.

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