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Integrating Aspose.PowerPoint with CFML

We do quite a bit of medical education and deploy our site using Cold Fusion. One of our standing capabilities is our slide library functionality where you can download custom built PowerPoint presentations. Currently we're using a com object but need to make some significant upgrades to our app. My question is how well does Aspose.PowerPoint integrate with Cold Fusion? Also, would it be possible to get Aspose.PowerPoint to export slide images (in any format--jpg, bmp, tif, png, etc.) to a dynamically built directory?

You can check out our slide libraries at The sites with the slide libraries are LipidsOnline, HypertensionOnline and BioEdOnline, among others.



Export slide images is possible of course but I can’t tell how to integrate Aspose.PowerPoint with Cold Fusion.

Probably you shouldn’t have large problems but we never tested it.