Internal margins


Hi Alexey,

How can I get internal margins for Paragraph?


Dear CAV,

Paragraph.SpaceBefore, Paragraph.SpaceAfter, Paragraph.BulletOffset, Paragraph.TextOffset
properties will help you.


I have internal margines for Paragraph in Power Point set to: left = 3.25, right = 3.25, top = 3.13, bottom = 3.13 (cm). Aspose returns the following: Paragraph.SpaceBefore = 0, Paragraph.SpaceAfter = 0, Paragraph.BulletOffset = 0, Paragraph.TextOffset = 0,
(Paragraph.SpaceWithin = 100), where are the left, right, top and bottom values?


Dear CAV,

Do you see any differencies between Paragraph and TextFrame?
You asked margins for Paragraph and they were implemented.
Now you are talking about margins for TextFrame.


Sorry, yes I talking about TextFrame Smile. How can I get internal margins for TextFrame?


Dear CAV,

Margins and Text anchor point will be in the next hot fix. Closer to the end of this week.


Can you, please, also add "Word wrap text in AutoShape" and "Resize AutoShape to fit text" options in the next version release.


Dear CAV,

Please check 1.5.14 hot fix.