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Interop.Scripting implementation [Very urgent]

I'm working to convert some existing business object code that handles Excel files from a desktop environment into an ASP.NET environment. Most of the conversion is done and working fine. However, I have found that I still have to have a reference to the Interop.Scripting.dll library due to the use of Scripting.Dictionary objects in the code. Is there any replacement for those dictionary objects in Aspose.cell



Hi Jim,

Could you give us some more details, how do you convert a desktop application to And what is usage of Scripting.Dictionary objects in your project, after perceiving this we might be able to undertand well and explain you better.

Thank you.

Which version of Aspose.Cells are you using? Aspose.Cells doesn’t refer to Interop.Scripting.dll. You can write a simple application to check if the reference is needed by your code or Aspose.Cells.