Introducing new Groups/Hierarchies



from our business unit I have receive an Excel Workbook that contains a sheet that defined 8 hierarchy levels you may fold/unfold. What business wants me to do is to insert rows on specific hierarchy levels and make move those new rows into their own folded group.

The attached sample probably shows best what I mean:

Open the Workbook in Excel, select row 4 and insert a new row (which will end up below the Level 3 row). As you can see the group on level 3 gets expanded to include the new row(s).

However when I do this through Aspose.Excel using the business supplied sheet (that already defines 8 levels) I do not seem to be able to achieve the aforementioned.

Maybe there’s a group level limit in Excel or anything else?




Hi Kai,

Excel does have a limit on group level : no more than 8.

From you sample file, I found the problem. I will fix it in the next hotfix. It will be available before next Wednesday.

By the way, which version of Aspose.Excel are you using?



thanks for the information; didn’t know there was a limit.

I’ve just switched to, coming from

Thanks for your support



Please try and download v2.9.4 at This issue is solved.



thanks for the update