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Invalid response exception thrown when attempting to move a message (C# .NET)

When invoking MoveMessage using the latest version of Aspose.Email on the ImapClient the following exception is being thrown on the clients environment.

Imap server returned an invalid response: ‘{0}’ The server response: [COPYUID 12 30494 34085]

We have enabled Imap logging, however this does not appear to show any issues with the response as the move completed?

Imap server[1|15/09/2020 10:02:18 AM]: [COPYUID 12 30494 34085]
Imap server[1|15/09/2020 10:02:18 AM]: * 1 EXPUNGE
Imap server[1|15/09/2020 10:02:18 AM]: * 13 EXISTS
Imap server[1|15/09/2020 10:02:18 AM]: AE_2_1_0013 OK MOVE completed.
Imap server[1|15/09/2020 10:02:18 AM]:
15/09/2020 10:02:18 AM

When running the same function locally an exception is not thrown, however there appears to be a small difference in the IMAP response an additional *** OK** in the stream.

Imap server[1|14/09/2020 10:02:18 AM]: * OK [COPYUID 12 12345 12345]

Please let me know if there is any more information you would like me to provide.


I suggest you to please try using latest Aspose.Slides for .NET 20.8. In case the issue is still reproduced then please share the working sample code along with test credentials to verify the issue on our end.

We are using the latest version of Aspose.Email (20.8.0). I have included a sample which imitates the production code. However, I am not able to provide credentials for the IMAP server as I do not have access to it, this issue has been raised by one of our clients. I was hoping that the IMAP logs would help in resolving this issue.

MoveMessageApp.zip (5.4 KB)


Actually, IMAP Move command is implemented according to RFC 6851. Also you have implemented “Server Protocol Sender and Client Protocol Receiver”. The Data transmitted by the server to the client and status responses that do not indicate command completion are prefixed with the token
“*”, and are called untagged responses.

We need to know how to reproduce the issue. You may share what version of IMAP server software is used. Also you can use COPY/DELETE command instead MOVE…

Thanks, we have requested the additional information from the client. We will attempt the workaround and see if the same error is thrown. I will update the thread when we get feedback from the client.


Sure, please provide the requested information when you have that.