'Invalid value of a Number field.' error when reading shapefile



When importing certain shapefiles, I get an error complaining about an invalid value for a number field. It is also not descriptive so I dont know which column is the issue without doing some guess and check. This shapefile works fine in QGIS and other readers, so I have full confidence that the file is valid.

My C# Constructor:
Constructor Logic.png (13.1 KB)

Error Dialog.png (4.0 KB)

Error happens when iterating over the feature:
Line Error Occurs On.png (1.4 KB)

Test Shapefile.zip (63.0 KB)


@jstoneb3insight, we reproduced the issue and working on a fix that will be published as a hotfix release shortly. Issue reference number is GISNET-420.


Great. Thank you for the quick response.


@jstoneb3insight, Aspose.GIS for .NET 19.6.1 with a fix for GISNET-420 is now published.