IP Blocked

We are getting reports from several users at our company that aspose.com gives this error. (See attached img below) based on what we are reading Aspose seems to be blocking the IP address of our Azure based VMs and am trying to reach someone that can assist with this issue.

John M.
image.png (49.2 KB)


Please share IP addresses of Azure based VMs that your company use to access Aspose websites.

Good morning Awais,

The range our azure VMs are in is 52.160.33.xxx range.


I have requested team to add 52.160.33.xxx range in our list of trusted IP addresses; so after we whitelist this IP range, you should then be able to access Aspose websites without any issues. I will keep you posted here on any further updates.


It is to inform you that we have now whitelisted this IP range; please try accessing Aspose websites and see how it goes on your end.

Awesome, I tested it and so did a couple of others on that range and were able to load your webpage. Confirming it was your website blocking our public IPs. Can you add this second range as well though Seems they were on a separate range of IPs I was unaware of and are still being blocked.40.118.238.xxx

And thank you for your time.


I have requested team to whitelist 40.118.238.xxx range as well. I will keep you posted here on further updates.


I have got update from team that they have whitelisted this 40.118.238.xxx IP range as well. Please retry and see how it goes on your end.

In case you have further inquiries or may need any help in future, please let us know.