Is Aspose.Email for C++ supported for Linux-based platform?


Dear Support Team,

Our company has a product that can back up customer’s Office 365 or G Suite to their NAS.
And we want to provide a feature that customer can download their backup mails to pst file, so we need a solution which can convert eml file to pst file.
We think Aspose.Email for C++ might be a perfect solution we are searching for.
Here are some question we want to consult with support team:

  • Because the OS of NAS is linux-based, is Aspose.Email for C++ supported for linux-based now?
  • When we purchase Aspose.Email for C++ license, you will provide us the C++ source code, a tool, or .so library file?

Look forward your answer.
Many thanks.




I have observed your comments and like to inform that when you purchase license for Aspose.Email than we will provide you dll file. We have documentation as well which will help you in your requirements. We will inform you regarding OS soon.



Thank you for the quick reply .
I think dll file can not be used in linux-based platform.
Please help to confirm if the linux supported version is ready or when will be ready.
If ready, I would like to have a 30 days free-trial.
Many thanks.



I have observed your requirements and regret to share that at present the requested support is not available. An issue with ID EMAILCPP-195 has been added as feature request to further investigate the requirement. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.



In this thread, is mentioned that there will be upcoming version which support Linux OS.

May I know the estimated releasing time ?
Many thanks



We are working on this and will share ETA in two or three days. I request for patience until that.



Thank you so much.
Look forward to it.



You are very welcome.



Dear Adnan,

Is there any update about the ETA? Thank you.



I like to inform that issue is pending for detail investigation. I also like to inform as per our company policy, the first priority for investigation and resolution of issues is given to the Paid Support i.e. Enterprise and Priority Support on first come first serve basis. After that the issues from normal support forum are scheduled for investigation on first come first serve basis. I request for your patience. We will share good news with you soon regarding your issue.