Is Aspose.Word support for adding comments to the document?



How can I insert comments to the document. I am talking about, In MS word Insert menu => Comments option for given the comment about something.

Also How can I given the file comment?


For commenting parts of the document see Comment class.

For commenting document file use the following code:

doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Comments = "Some comment text goes here.";


Thanks for your reply.

You have given the code is help us for setting general file comment [i.e] file property.

I want to set the comment to a particular word. We were given comments in MS Word through Insert menu and Comment option..... This is for given the comment to particular word. Is it possible in Aspose.word?


Use Comment class to give comment to a particulrar part of the document text - word, paragraph, etc. Check Comment class description in the API Reference.