Is it possible to implement vba like "UserInterfaceOnly:=True"?

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With aspose.cells for java.
is it possible to implement vba like “UserInterfaceOnly:=True” when protect worksheet?

I can not found any issue within current api documentation.



Well, I am afraid Aspose.Cells for Java does not support to implement vba / macros in Excel workbooks. Although it will preserve the macros / vba (if created in Excel workbooks manually or by some other tools) and save the file with it. Moreover, it supports all the advanced protection options that MS Excel generally supports, if it suits your need, see the document:

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Thanks for your answer.

What I mean is if it is possible to use sheet protection with java like following.
Protection p = new Protection()



I am afraid we cannot support such property. The “UserInterfaceOnly” is a runtime property/attribute that is set/changed automatically, that is, when you re-save the workbook and open it again, you must again apply the Protect method with UserInterfaceOnly to set it to True. Otherwise UserInterfaceOnly will be changed to false automatically.

Thank you.