Is it possible to pass values into an existing Excel workbook- cause it to recalculate based on those values- then extract calculated results?


Sorry if this question isn’t appropriate for this forum, but I’m trying to decide if Aspose.Cells will work for me, given my needs.

In short - I have an existing Excel Workbook (it’s pretty large - about 5mb, with about a dozen tabs, and hundreds of formulas and calculations).

I want to use Aspose.Cells to populate about 20 cells in the spreadsheet, then cause the Excel workbook to recalculate everything based on those new values. Then, I want to be able to retrieve several calculated results back from the spreadsheet.

In other words - I’m trying to use Excel as a "calculation engine."

Importantly - I don’t want to have to create the ENTIRE workbook with Aspose - I just want to pass in the small number of “input” values, and have the existing spreadsheet do all the work.

Also - I don’t want to save or return the modified workbook - I just want to grab the small number of “output” values.

I can do this through Office automation on my server, but Microsoft strongly discourages this.

Is this something I can do with Aspose.Cells?

Thanks in advance.


Sure, you may do this with Aspose.Cells component. The product is written in managed C# which does not depend or use any automation or Interop APIs, any application or any third party APIs what so ever. It has its own formula calculation engine that does support almost all the formulas of MS Excel (97-2010). You may load an existing file/template, input your values into your desired cells, then calculate formulas in the worksheet/workbook, now you may get the calculated values at runtime without the need of saving the file to a path and reopening it into MS Excel.

See the topics for your kind reference:

Let us know if you have any confusion or have any issue, we will be happy to assist you here.

Thank you.

Thank you for this excellent reply.


You are welcome.

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