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Is license checking using a thread?

This may be a long shot, but here is my situation:

I am using Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.9.1.13; the code to do excelfile creation is in a DLL, which is called from a com+ which in turn uses ThreadPool object to handle work on a background thread, as it can take 5 plus minutes for some of the larger files, and we create multiple files in one click; I obviously don’t want to to tie up the user for the duration of the processing, hence com+ with a thread pool. The problem I have is that somewhere an exception is thrown which is not caught by my top level try-catch. The exception appears to be quite random, thrown while the code is running or evenwhen the com+ is loaded but no methods are called. The uncought exception closes the COM+ application as per MS guidlines. From the debugger I can see that there appear to be additional threads (besides my ThreadPool thread) that are running and I suspect they may be throwing the exception which would cause the com+ app to terminate I am looking at third party components/code, so here is the question: do you happen to use any background threads to periodically check the licensing?


Please initialize your licensing code only once before you start your threads as the licensing code requires to be processed one time only per application life cycle.

And, we only check the licensing when we open and save the file.

Thank you.

Yes, that was the first thing I did, you gave me this advice previously. I have determined the problem to be unrelated to aspose, so never mind and thanks for a quick response.