Is multithread calculation possible? And if so, since when? And how much speed improvement?


On this thread, written in 2013, I read that multithreading is possible, but not on a single excel document: Multithreading.

Is multithread calculation made possible in newer versions of Aspose?
If so, since what version of Aspose is it possible to calculate one workbook on multiple threads?

What will be the improvement of the calculation time?


Yes, you are right that multithreading is possible now such that simultaneously reading cell values in multiple threads is possible as mentioned here. Similarly, you can decrease the calculation time of Cell.Calculate() method. However I am afraid that calculating the workbook in multiple threads is not possible. You may please try your scenario directly, and if face some issue share your template file, runnable console application (with all references resolved) and exact steps to reproduce the issue here. We will try to provide the assistance accordingly at the earliest.